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Palco is on the thresh hold of a new growth phase with its upcoming innovative concept for Recycling & Aluminium industry.

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Palco has emerged to be a star performer in production of various Aluminum products & has been closely associated with the Indian Aluminum industry, playing a pivotal role in making aluminium a leading metal with innumerable uses to industrial requirements.

Palco is on the threshold of a new growth phase with its upcoming innovative concept for Recycling & Aluminium  industry.

The company’s success comprises of its consistent performance, excellent quality, prompt customer service as well as accuracy in delivering on clients’ requirements.

Our Subsidiary Company

Palco Recycle Industries limited becomes the subsidiary of the palco metals in the year 2016-17.


“Providing One Stop Shop Solution for customers’ Metals requirement.”


To investing in various companies engaged in recycling of various metals and scrap.


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