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Vision :

“Providing recycling solution to the world by exchanging wealth out of waste.”

Add services in recycle products and deliver value to our esteemed suppliers, customers, associates and employees

To implement the system enabling the protection of environment

To help the world to conserve precious natural resources.

About PRX
A division of Palco Metals Limited which is a listed limited company run by professionals The proposed project is an innovative concept in Recycling Industry. RECYCLING is a BUZZ all over the world. Increasing cost of using natural resources has made it more important. Growing importance for saving environment and newer concept like Carbon Credit has made it more important. Recycling has not left any field untouched.

The recycling industry has been old enough and dates back to the birth of mankind. In western country the Recycling industry has reached to quite maturity level. The industry is dominated by corporate of significant big size. However recycling industry in India is at nascent stage, the market is dominated by uneducated Kabadis. The industry is suffering from much inefficiency. Apart from the uneconomic level of operation, industry is dominated by theft, higher margins, lot of intermediaries. To exploit the above inefficiencies and corporatize the recycling, the company has decided to create a all India network for collection of various types of recyclable scrap and waste.

Business Model & Business Associates
PRX has developed a business model on the famous “HUB & Spoke Wal Mart” We will have five zones, seven hubs and about 500 business associates across the country.
BA will work dual way of procuring and selling the material under the name of PRX. The entire finance will be supported by PRX and there is profit sharing between PRX and BA

PRX will deal in any item which can be recycled. An indicative list includes Ferrous metals, Non ferrous metals, Plastic, Paper, Rubber, Silica, Electronic, Cloths, Garments, Batteries, Tyres etc.

Quality Policy
The PRX will install ISO improved management system to give cost effective recycling solution. All the categories and items will be standardized for users.

IT / Network Infrastructure
Along with the physical infrastructure across the country, PRX will have a very strong IT enabled system to manage the business model.

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