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  • What is PRX?
    Palco Recycle Exchange, A division of Palco Metals Limited which is a listed limited company run by professionals. The proposed project is an innovative concept in Recycling Industry.
  • What is the Business Model?
    PRX has developed a business model on the famous “HUB & Spoke  Wal Mart” We will have five zones, seven hubs and about 500 business associates across the country.
  • What is BA (Business Associates)?
    Business Associates are people appointed by PRX across the country. BA’s will be appointed district wise.
  • What will be the job of a BA?
    BA will work dual way of procuring and selling the material under the name of PRX. The entire finance will be supported by PRX and there is profit sharing between PRX and BA.
  • Which commodities will be traded?
    PRX will deal in any item which can be recycled. An indicative list includes Ferrous metals, Non ferrous metals, Plastic, Paper, Rubber, Silica, Electronic, Cloths, Garments, Batteries, Tyres etc.
  • Will there be any training provided?
    PRX will provide adequate information about all the scrap to BAs. PRX will also provide training to people who have very few or no knowledge about scrap.
  • How to procure scrap?
    Once you appointed Business Associate for a particular territory PRX will give you training and explaining the Modus Operendi. You have to survey your territory and contact small traders of scrap who buys from street traders and you also have to contact corporate that generate scrap in bulk.
  • What If I can’t sell?
    PRX will provide you buyers list and assistance in selling. In PRX business model the emphasis is on procuring the scrap rather than on selling.
  • What will be the turn around time for scrap lying at my premises?
    The turn around time for scrap lying at your premises will be around 3 to 4 days maximum.
  • How would you calculate commission?
    The commission will be calculated 25% on GP margin.

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