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“PALCO cables are one of the leading manufacturers in the country of quality PVC & XLPE cables. The product range extends from 10 Sq. mm. to 300 Sq. mm. Alu. Heavy duty powers cables. These PVC cables are manufactured conforming to all recognized national & international specifications with Alu. Conductors armored and unarmored.
A Palco cable is equipped with the most modern sophisticated manufacturing & testing equipments. Quality is the hallmark of “PALCO cables” that is why whom you buy “PALCO cables” you buy confidence.
Industrial Power Cables
The Power Cables are used under ground as well as over head transmission of power in power plants, industries, projects and all other electrical systems.
power Cables carry the main load current at low/medium/high voltage of main circuit. These cables nevertheless, have higher normal current rating and therefore larger cross section of conductors. These current rating is associated with temperature rise limit. The cables are broadly divided for low tension (L.T. < 1.1 kV) and high tension
(H.T. > 1.1 kV) kV application, PVC cables are commonly used for LT distribution where as PILS and XLPE cables are widely used for HT application.
House Wiring Cables
A major portion of electric installation design in buildings involves wiring systems. Electric Cables used in such wiring systems are commonly known in the market as house wiring cables. These cables have a current carrying conductor with a layer of insulating material applied over it through the process of Extrusion. The conductors used in these cables are made of copper or aluminium of EC grade and insulation is provided by PVC layer.
Industrial Control Cables
The control cables some time referred as pilot cables are used for auxiliary low voltage (110 v,220 v) AC or DC circuits for protection communication, control and signaling systems. They have lower current ratings. The color of insulation (PVC) of each core is different. Control cables are provided with screens.
FRLS Cables
The flame retardant low smoke cables are so designed as not to propagate fire and should in fact offer enhanced flame or fire resistance properties. The FRLS cables are basically PVC cables. However PVC compound is specially formulated to give enhanced flame retardant and lowered smoke characteristics.
Flexible Cables
The main group of cables is flexible cables so termed to indicate that they consist of one or more cores each containing a group of wires the diameters of the wires and the construction of the cable being such that they afford flexibility. They are generally used for trailing cables and similar applications where heavy currents up to 630A (0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 mm) are to be carried for instance to welding plant.
Flat Cables
Flat layout makes conductor handling easier. This is effective specially in manufacturing large sized conductor cables, for large capacity transmission lines.
XLPE Cables
“PALCO” XLPE Cables are made on state of the art machines with best quality raw materials. Base polyethylene is a thermoplastic material by a special process; linear chain structure is changed into cross linked structure i.e. thermo-setting material. This thermo setting XLPE insulation material provide extra ordinary electrical, thermal & mechanical properties to the cable, like excellent dielectric, higher continuous current rating, high resistance to thermal ageing etc. “PALCO XLPE” CABLES are insulated with fine grade base polyethylene with a cross-linked structure.

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